The Indie Theater Revival Project by IFC Films

Celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, IFC Films is putting its best films forward to remind Americans why they’ve loved going to the movies for more than a century. IFC Films is encouraging local indie theaters to show select movies from 20 film retrospective series’ drawn from IFC Films’ library of nearly 1,000 films. All are being made available to America’s independent theaters to be played on the big screen where they were meant to be seen as part of the nation’s post-shutdown recovery effort.

Green Light Cinema is proud to show films from IFC Films’ impressive catalog of award-winning movies from today’s biggest talents.

IFC Films’ Twenty Retrospectives:

1. Greatest Hits: Indie Blockbusters from IFC Films
2. Black Lives: Powerful dramas, moving romances, eye-opening documentaries and smart
comedies that put African-American stories at the center.
3. Cannes We Ever! A selection of IFC Films releases that have won major prizes at the
world’s most prestigious film festival, Cannes.
4. Cinema Auteur: French Masters
5. Cult Icons: What makes a cult icon? Only the audience can decide.
6. Discover Together: Family-Friendly Docs
7. First Takes: Great First Films
8. “Get Your Heart Clean”: The Films of Ethan Hawke
9. Grindhouse/Art House: B-movies elevated to Art House status at the hands of
genre-defining auteurs like Lars von Trier, Peter Strickland, Dario Argento and more.
10. “I Live for the Present Always”: Juliette Binoche On Screen
11. Indie Comedies: The Joke’s on Us
12. New York States of Mind: Big Apple Cinema
13. Politics as Un-Usual: Stories of systems of power being shaped by the bold, brave, and
14. Queer Eyes – LGBTQ stories and lives on screen
15. Reel Lives: Stories of real-life legends, from renowned musical and literary geniuses to
whistleblowers, sports stars and more.
16. “Some People Aren’t Comfortable with Being Comfortable”: Kristen Stewart’s Boldest
17. Stage on Screen: Performers and Performances
18. This One’s on the House: Foodie Films – Fiction and documentaries centered on food,
glorious food
19. Too Good Not to Be True: In this new world of Tiger Kings and Quarantine Queens,
sometimes the wildest stories are the ones that really happened.
20. Women On the Verge: When the better half strikes back – films featuring “strong female
leads” that slay.

Look for IFC Films coming to Green Light Cinema this month.