Green Light Cinema

St. Pete’s local, independent 100 seat art house movie theater offering a diverse line-up of indies, foreign, docs, classics, and local content to our community.

9/10 - 9/16

Dating & New York

PG-13 | 1h 31m | Comedy

Director: Jonah Feingold
Writer: Jonah Feingold
Starring: Arturo Castro, Jerry Ferrara, Francesca Reale

Once upon a time in New York City….they swiped right.

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9/10 - 9/16

Without Getting Killed or Caught

NR | 1h 35m | Documentary

Directors: Tamara Saviano, Paul Whitfield
Writer: Bart Knaggs, Tamara Saviano
Starring: Jo Harvey Allen, Terry Allen, Guy Clark

Guy Clark, the dean of Texas songwriters, struggles to write poetic songs while balancing a complicated marriage with wife Susanna, and a deep friendship with writer Townes Van Zandt, who Susanna forged a passionate dependence on.

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David Byrne's American Utopia

NR | 1h 45m | Documentary, Musical

Director: Spike Lee
Writer: David Byrne
Starring: David Byrne, Jacqueline Acevedo, Gustavo Di Dalva

Special One-Night Event! The Emmy-nominated feature David Byrne’s American Utopia, directed by Spike Lee, will receive its US theatrical debut on September 15 for a special, one-night-only event, including an introduction by David Byrne and a never-before-seen conversation with Byrne and Lee.

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9/17 - 9/23

Lady of the Manor

R | Comedy

Directors:  Christian Long, Justin Long
Writers: Christian Long, Justin Long
Starring: Melanie Lynskey, Judy Greer, Justin Long

Filmed in Tampa Bay! An aimless ne’er-do-well becomes a tour guide in a historic estate and winds up befriending the manor’s resident ghost.

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VHS Club Presents: Critters

1986 | PG-13 | 1h 26min | Comedy, Horror, Sci Fi

Directors:  Stephen Herek
Writers: Domonic Muir, Stephen Herek
Starring: Dee Wallace, M. Emmet Walsh, Billy Green Bush

Chosen by YOU – the VHS Club audience! A group of small but vicious alien creatures called Crites escape from an alien prison transport vessel and land near a small farm town on earth, pursued by two shape-shifting bounty hunters..

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The Nowhere Inn

NR | 1h 31min | Comedy | Comedy, Drama, Horror

Directors:  Bill Benz
Writers: Carrie Brownstein, St. Vincent
Starring: St. Vincent, Ezra Buzzington, Toko Yusada

St. Vincent sets out to make a documentary about her music, but when she hires a close friend to direct, notions of reality, identity, and authenticity grow increasingly distorted and bizarre.

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